Budget Deficits

The Problem With ‘Monetizing the Debt’

Just printing more money won’t solve our problems.

If Republicans Want a Better Budget Deal, They Need to Win More Elections

It’s crazy to punish Speaker Mike Johnson when the party has a tiny majority in the House.

We Don’t Have a Wealth Problem. We Have a Math Problem.

The U.S. has enough money to do what it wants to do. But x is always less than 1.5x.

Americans Shrug Off Historic Debt Surge

The budget deficit just doubled to $2 trillion. Don’t expect it to shrink anytime soon.

Death of a Talking Point

Returning to the tax policies of the 1950s would make our deficits worse.

Cut Spending, Raise Taxes, or Wait for Economic Collapse

There are three options for dealing with entitlements.

How Taxpayer Receipts Could Improve the Debate Over Spending

Americans struggle to understand how their tax dollars are spent.

There Is No Painless Way to Balance the Budget

‘Taxing the rich’ and cutting ‘woke’ programs won’t come close to getting the job done.