A Great Year for Free Market Capitalism in Film

Five movies that captured the thrill and agony of markets, dynamism, risk, and competition.

Eating Better (a Lot Better) Than Kings

How we arrived at this delicious state of affairs.

The ‘Race-to-the-Bottom’ Myth Needs to Die

Globalization helps the world’s least developed countries.

Could Today’s Katalin Karikó Come to America?

The U.S. immigration system makes it too costly and time consuming for highly skilled immigrants to live and work here.

A Defense Strategy Against ‘The Identity Trap’

Yascha Mounk’s new book explains how ‘wokeness’ hurts our culture, but omits how markets can help fight back.

I, Dentity

Or why I don’t care about where ‘identity politics’ came from.

Xi’s Republic of China

China’s experiment with market-based economics didn’t negate the problems of one-party rule. It merely delayed them.

Retconning Capitalism

Sohrab Ahmari’s critiques of free markets in ‘Tyranny, Inc.’ conflate private power with state-backed coercion.

Soylent Green Is Wrong, People

The 50-year-old dystopian flick was hardly prescient.

La Sombrita and America’s Pervasive Band-Aid Problem

How an L.A. bus stop program reflects cross-country policy dysfunctions.

They Meant Well, Mostly

‘Peak oil’ and other follies.

The American Wealth Machine and Its Misguided Discontents

Despite what you might hear (or believe), the U.S. economy continues to dominate the world.

Five Words of Wisdom

The U.S. economy is stupendous, despite what you might be hearing.

Two Cheers for Techno-Marxism

Bear with me …

Something Short of Tragic

Figures like Donald Trump reap the rewards for pursuing vice over virtue.