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Kissinger’s Shadow Continues to Undermine U.S. Interests in South Asia

On India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, he was nearsighted when the country needed a visionary.

Lessons From Henry Kissinger

He helped America out of its last losing streak. His strategies offer us a way out of this one.

The Monroe Doctrine, Then and Now

Two hundred years after the original proclamation, threats from China, Russia, and Iran have arisen in Latin America.

Here Xi Comes

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping reunite in California.

Biden’s Words Speak Louder Than His Actions

The president’s risk-averse foreign policy only invites more conflict.

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Why China Is So Eager to Foment Antisemitism

Spreading Jew-hatred helps distract from its own sins.

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Hamas’ Online War

How disinformation from the terrorist group and its backers reaches millions daily.

Birds of War: Did China Deploy Ducks to Pakistan?

No, but it did use geese to guard the border during the pandemic.

The System Keeps Working (and the Alternative Is Predictably Failing)

‘Weaponizing globalization’ is a lot harder than it sounds.

The Mirage of Middle East Peace

Robert Kaplan’s new book explores how the region has historically wobbled between order and chaos.

You Belong With Me

It’s Russia and China against the world—maybe.

‘China’s Not Going Away’

Sen. Bill Cassidy says senators talked fentanyl with Xi Jinping, but human rights not a top topic.

‘I Just Want a Serious National Security Debate’

Rep. Mike Gallagher talks to The Dispatch about tonight’s debate, China policy, and more.

One Earth, One Family, One Future

Takeaways from this weekend’s G20 summit in New Delhi.

Good Luck With That Grand Strategy

Even the most comprehensive plans are bound to fail if leaders can’t build support for them.

Xi’s Republic of China

China’s experiment with market-based economics didn’t negate the problems of one-party rule. It merely delayed them.