The Long Reign of King Dollar

Aside from the princeling euro, the greenback has no real competitors globally.

Beijing’s American Hostages

What will happen to those detained as U.S.-China relations deteriorate further?

TikTok’s D.C. Influence Campaign

Under scrutiny from Congress, the social media company is leveraging close ties to American power brokers.

The Rise of ‘Red Scare’ Policy

We risk overreacting to the threats posed by China.

The Debate Around a Bill to Ban TikTok, Explained

The RESTRICT Act has bipartisan support, but critics say it may not work as intended.

Ford’s China Problem

Worries arise over a Chinese company’s involvement in an American automotive factory.

The Cool Kids Are Wrong About TikTok

And, at least this once, Congress is right.

McCaul Pushes for State Department’s Afghanistan Docs

Plus: A researcher calls for Congress to sanction Xi Jinping.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Stake Out a New World Order

Russia and China’s leaders claim to reject a ‘Cold War mentality’ while escalating their anti-Western rhetoric.

House Republicans Leap to Trump’s Defense

Plus: The Senate considers ending a pair of war authorizations, and the China competition committee plans its next hearing.

China’s Middle East Power Play

A Beijing-brokered normalization deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia may lack staying power, but it signals China’s long-term strategy.

The Japan-South Korea Thaw

In the face of threats from China and North Korea, can America’s East Asian allies find ways to cooperate despite a painful past?

Going to War Over Taiwan: Who Decides?

Even if Biden could justify U.S. intervention without congressional approval, it’s politically important to have the legislative branch on board.

The Rise of Xi Jinping’s China

Former National Security Adviser Stephen J. Hadley on the risk of competition turning into confrontation: A Dispatch Q&A.

The Daunting Task the New China Committee Faces

A new House panel debuts with a prime-time hearing and questions about how to address threats from the Chinese government.

Untangling the Chinese Knot

We shouldn’t glibly conflate China’s economic challenge with its military-strategic threat.