Lawmakers Elevate Human Rights Ahead of First CCP Hearing

The select committee on competition with China meets tonight to lay out the threat posed by China.

A Time for American Stability—and Power

Our allies are pondering whether we are still a superpower.

Nuclear Breakout or Just Holes in the Ground? 

By some measures China’s atomic arsenal has become more formidable than America’s.

Microsoft, China, and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Rethinking tech collaboration in an age of great-power competition.

An (Unidentified Flying) Object Lesson

If we’re not being invaded by aliens, what’s going on? A Dispatch Explainer.

Balloons, Biden, and American Power

What the spy balloon incident tells us about America as a superpower.

Lawmakers Ask if U.S. Companies Helped Develop China’s Spy Balloon

Plus: More congressional scrutiny on China and high-profile House GOP hearings.

China Competition a Bipartisan Bright Spot in Congress

Plus: An early look at the House GOP’s Afghanistan withdrawal investigation.

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Cause for Hope Amid War and Authoritarianism

Last year might have been the century's best for liberalism.

Making China Pay if It Attacks Taiwan

Lawmakers are laying the groundwork for economic sanctions on China if it invades Taiwan.

A Freewheeling House

Plus: An interview with a newly appointed member of the China competition committee.

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A Bold Vision for Japan

The country’s military buildup reflects a sense of urgency about the China threat. But implementing it will be a challenge.

House GOP Moves to Messaging Bills and Investigations

Plus, a new select committee on strategic competition with China.

Defeating China and Saving Democracy

It’s going to be a busy year.

Elon for a Day

How the Twitter czar is like Xi Jinping.

Rep. Mike Gallagher’s Plans for the Select Committee on China

Hearings, legislative priorities, and some outside-the-box ideas.