Why Church Attendance Is More Important Than Ever

Its decline has consequences for society and individuals—including those who profess no faith at all.

Easter’s Blow to ‘Wretched Urgency’

Why Christians’ hope transcends the fear of our moment.

The True Faith

Bible-thumping for fun and profit, but mostly profit.

Know Your Role

The goodness of defining the relationship.

Evangelicals’ Immigration Tension

A new survey indicates evangelical Christians want nuanced immigration reform, but the political party they support is taking an increasingly hardline stance.

The Revelations of Simone Weil

Like Alexei Navalny, she embodied her ideals despite the personal cost.

Lent as Counterculture

Seasons of self-denial may now be en vogue, but the aim of Lent is more profound than self-actualization.

Christian Nationalism Can’t Make Our Nation Christian

Extending the arm of the state is the wrong way to shape obedient hearts.

Parallel Power Plays in Church and State

Sometimes bad things happen because those with real authority refuse to exercise it.

How Christian Homeless Shelters Are Changing

Some are strict, some are loose, but they’re all trying to address a growing problem.

Church as Resistance

As the calendar turns and we consider the lives we want to live in 2024, let me invite you to join me and my begrudging son in the pew.

Where He Found Us

‘He meets us on our own terms because we cannot meet Him on His.’

When Obscure Christmas Liturgies Become Relevant Anew

Christmas is a time to proclaim hope, but also a time to plead for redemption.

Advent and the Hope of Divine Accountability

Our dissatisfaction with our body politic underscores important spiritual truths.

The Wonder of the Universe’s Weirdness

How quantum physics can push us to look up, in ‘desperate puzzlement.’

Blaise Pascal on Christian and Jew

The great thinker’s turn toward the theological has lessons for us even today.