Culture Wars

The Perils of a Culture of Critique

Moral relativism not only obfuscates right from wrong—it’s unable to respond to today’s radical ideologies.

Social Justice for Me, Not Thee

How can so many campus activists give the Hamas attacks a moral pass while screaming inclusion from the rooftops?

A Defense Strategy Against ‘The Identity Trap’

Yascha Mounk’s new book explains how ‘wokeness’ hurts our culture, but omits how markets can help fight back.

What ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Gets Right

The song’s admittedly uncomplicated narrative reflects the nation’s rural-urban divide.

Anti-Gay for the Stay

How far right would President DeSantis be?

The Changing Status of Transgender Medical Intervention, Explained

Divided opinions on hormones and surgery are fueling more legislation and legal battles.

Chris Christie Gets In

Plus: A remarkable ‘sexual content in schools’ fight in Arizona.

Buzzed on Coffee and Double Standards

On the inverted pyramid of concern.

Being Evil

How we’ve come to demand a very simplistic morality from our entertainment.

Life Is Too Short For Hating Harry & Meghan

What wretched souls would want to earn their bread by performatively despising strangers?

The New Political Battleground

School board elections, the new venue for fighting the culture wars, are getting more attention from political action groups.

The First Culture War and Its Lingering Fallout

A new book that blames Ronald Reagan and economic resentment misses the real cause.

It’s Never ‘Just a Joke’

And Social Darwinism is just plain ugly.

The Soft Smollett

Blaming society at large is an easy—and unfair—excuse for an embarrassing creative failure.

When Culture Wars Go Way Too Far

State efforts to break families over transgender issues threaten foundational American rights.