Dispatch Debates

It’s Time to Pass the Kids Online Safety Act

Social media is contributing to unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression, and self-harm in adolescents.

Let Parents, Not Politicians, Keep Kids Safe Online

Regulating social media behavior for kids runs into privacy trade-offs most Americans won’t tolerate.

A Child Tax Credit Compromise for the Real World

The Wyden-Smith deal would take a modest step toward improving the CTC’s ability to support families.

Let’s Not Turn the Child Tax Credit Into Welfare

The CTC at its best can provide tax relief for families and encourage work. That’s not what Congress’ recent proposal does.

Surrogacy Is Good for Women and Good for Families

Concerns about the practice unite some on the left and right, but the opposition ignores the benefits to women and society.

Why Pope Francis Condemned Surrogacy

The Catholic Church’s teaching on surrogacy is rooted in the desire to preserve the dignity of human life.