Paul Matzko

Paul Matzko is a historian and research fellow at the Cato Institute.

Paul Matzko

A Win for Algorithms at the Supreme Court

By not ruling on Section 230 in cases involving Twitter and Google, the court kept in place a beneficial status quo.

Biden’s Misguided Call for Internet Regulation

Going after Big Tech by reforming Section 230 and limiting data collection would stunt American technological innovation.

TikTok and Our Shadowbanned Future 

Will A.I. ever be able to discern ‘hate speech’ from ‘hated speech?’ 

The New Right’s Dangerous Attitude on Corporate Rights

The turn against corporate speech rights shows how some conservatives are willing to violate principles for partisan gain.

A History Lesson From the Hessians to the Chechens

The latter risk as grim a fate as the Revolutionary War mercenaries.

A New Fairness Doctrine Is an Old, Bad Idea

Kennedy and LBJ used the policy to stifle dissent so they could advance their agendas.