Harming Students in the Name of Fairness

Dropping the SAT for the sake of ‘equity’ forces colleges to rely on admissions standards that benefit wealthy and privileged applicants.

Debunking the ‘True History’ Canard

Progressive activists are making disingenuous arguments about K-12 history education.

DeSantis an Early Darling for Conservative Education Activists

The Florida governor is likely to tap into education group Moms for Liberty if he mounts a run for president, GOP operatives say.

Headlines Don’t Tell the Whole Story on Education Reform

It might seem like schools have been caught up in the culture wars, but an analysis of 2022 campaigns and election results shows that we can expect slow and steady reforms.

Reading, Writing, and … Black Queer Studies?

The debate over AP African American Studies ignores that schools are struggling to make students proficient in math, science, and reading.

Fairfax County Fairness?

Virginia’s attorney general says in a Dispatch interview he's investigating high schools that withheld National Merit award information from students.

Hamline Takes Quashing Academic Freedom to a Whole New Level

The college has fired an art history professor for showing students a painting depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

The New Political Battleground

School board elections, the new venue for fighting the culture wars, are getting more attention from political action groups.

Affirmative Action on the Docket

In two cases, the Supreme Court will weigh whether considering race in college admissions amounts to unconstitutional discrimination.

The First Culture War and Its Lingering Fallout

A new book that blames Ronald Reagan and economic resentment misses the real cause.

How Not to Fight COVID Learning Loss

A new study calls for $500 billion more than what was already spent on education-related pandemic relief.

Educators Have Lost the Public’s Trust. How Can They Get It Back?

For starters, they can call out indefensible conduct.

Why Democrats Might Come to Regret Student Debt Relief

Usually, giving stuff away is a winning political strategy. But that’s not an iron law.

The Student Loan Bailout Is Terrible Policy. The GOP Response Has Been Weak.

It’s a consequence of the move away from policy toward grievance culture.

Pop Quiz: Are School COVID Relief Funds Working?

Educators and analysts still don’t understand whether the billions the federal government sent to schools is achieving its goals.