Election 2024

Ron DeSantis Donors Upbeat About Third-Quarter Fundraising

Next up? Convincing unaffiliated donors he can beat Trump.

RFK JR. Could Play Spoiler, but Not for Biden

He’s more popular with right-leaning Americans than with Democrats.

It’s the Hope That Kills You

Republicans are setting themselves up for a crisis of overconfidence.

Nikki Haley and Tim Scott’s Collision Course

Plus: Donald Trump hopes to shut down more GOP debates.

The Potemkin Debate

Will it be the last?

The GOP Survivor Problem

The second Republican presidential primary debate was even more chaotic than the first.

Can Nikki Haley Be the Consensus Candidate—And Will It Matter?

Plus: Joe Biden goes on the offensive against Republicans, and Rep. Mike Gallagher on the GOP field.

‘I Just Want a Serious National Security Debate’

Rep. Mike Gallagher talks to The Dispatch about tonight’s debate, China policy, and more.

Unpacking the Menendez Indictment

The New Jersey senator faces another round of bribery charges, and Democrats are split on his next move.

Uncomfortably Numb

Trump’s getting worse. Not enough people care.

Donald Trump Tests the Iowa Evangelical Faithful

Plus: Corruption charges against Sen. Bob Menendez shake up next year’s New Jersey Senate race.

A Looming Shutdown Threatens Republicans in Virginia

Plus: Dave McCormick set to challenge Bob Casey for the Senate in Pennsylvania.

Cutting Bait on DeSantis

Is it time?

Donald Trump Puts Pro-Lifers on the Back Foot

Plus: A cold war between two Florida congressmen previews a possible Florida governor primary in 2026.

The ‘Mean to Mitt’ Theory

Enough already.

Politics by the Numbers Is Not Enough 

Neither polls nor demography can really tell candidates or journalists what will end up working.