Election 2024

Biden and the Blank Space 

Progressive activists in Michigan are mounting a write-in campaign for ‘uncommitted.’

Democrats Win Back the Santos Seat

Tom Suozzi will return to the House, but don’t read too much into a special election.

Ronna McDaniel Plans Her RNC Exit

Plus, Biden surrogates push back on the special counsel report.

Our Best Stuff From a Week That Defied Description

Oral arguments at the Supreme Court, a ruling from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, and a damaging special counsel report for Joe Biden.

A 10-Word Epitaph for Democrats’ Hopes

Special counsel Robert Hur says the quiet part out loud.

Moment to Moment

The bill has come due on Joe Biden’s age.

Joe Biden Takes the Good With the Bad

Plus: Two monumental cases regarding Donald Trump and 2024.

Democrats Fret Over Biden’s Age After Special Counsel Report

Plus: Why Adam Schiff is boosting the Republican in California’s Senate primary.

The Disqualification Scenario

Let’s pretend.

Sore Loser Laws, Explained

Forty-seven states impose restrictions on political candidates who lost a primary election, but how they would apply in a presidential election is not always clear.

Mood: Disorder

What being a loyal Republican means now.

Labeling the Third-Party Movement

No Labels seeks to do what no third-party White House bid in recent memory has achieved—win.

Trump’s RFK Jr. Anxieties Are Well Placed

Kennedy appeals to many of the same voters who’ve supported the former president.

Joe Biden Confronts a Weakened Coalition

South Carolina may be less dramatic this time for the incumbent, but it will still matter.

Britt Pop

A dark horse may be leading the Trump veepstakes.

Of Green and Greene

The 2024 financial picture and a spurious censure resolution in the House.