Entitlement Reform

It’s Time to Put Social Security, Medicare, and Taxes on the Table

Republicans can avert a debt crisis, but only once they’ve faced some harsh truths.

The Missed Opportunity of George W. Bush’s ‘Ownership Society’

His model of reform was the right one, even if no one listened to him.

A Clear-Eyed Look at Our Demographic Future

An aging U.S. population presents real, but manageable, challenges—if we’re willing to act.

Americans Shrug Off Historic Debt Surge

The budget deficit just doubled to $2 trillion. Don’t expect it to shrink anytime soon.

Has the Medicare Cost Problem Gone Away?

Focusing on per capita expenditures ignores many factors that push costs both up and down.

What Does Social Security Insolvency Mean?

It’s more of a public policy question than an economic one.

Stirewaltisms: The Problem of Policy in Politics

What happens when politicians decide that getting power to do the right things makes it necessary to say the wrong things.

Cut Spending, Raise Taxes, or Wait for Economic Collapse

There are three options for dealing with entitlements.

Why the National Debt Matters

Owing tens of trillions of dollars puts the U.S. on a course for stagnation—or crisis: A Dispatch Explainer.

A Fight About Nothing

Well, almost nothing.

Why Entitlement Reform Is So Hard

If lawmakers won’t reduce benefits, raising taxes is the only option.

Why Congress Will Never Reform Social Security

And who will pay the price when the trust fund runs out.