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Israel’s Northern Front Looms

Will Hezbollah bring about another Israel-Lebanon war?

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Israel’s Citizen Soldiers

The large-scale deployment of reservists is felt on the homefront.

Iran’s Complicated Web of Terror

As regional tensions escalate, Israel and the U.S. focus on Tehran.

Israel Tests Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’

The strike that killed Saleh al-Arouri puts Iran and Hezbollah’s wavering support for Hamas in the spotlight.

Israel’s War Against Hamas Continues to Broaden

Flare-ups across the Middle East can be traced back to Tehran.

To Restore Deterrence, Biden Should Hit Iran Hard

The administration’s cautious approach is only encouraging more aggression.

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Israel’s Refugee Crisis Could Drag on For Months

‘All of my life I built a home, a place where I can be safe. But now I know that I don’t have that anymore.’

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Hezbollah Plays the Waiting Game

The Iranian-backed group continues to tease involvement in the Israel-Hamas war.

Israel’s Limited Ground Invasion Begins

War in the dense Gaza Strip takes another deadly turn.

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Washington Braces for a Broader War in the Middle East

Recent attacks on U.S. troops signal the growing danger of a regional conflict.

The Taskmaster in Tehran

In the Middle East, Iran is pulling the strings.

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Will Iran Goad Hezbollah Into War with Israel?

An attack on the north could put the IDF in a multifront war against two Iran-backed terror organizations.

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The U.N.’s Failure in Lebanon

The murder of an Irish soldier is just the latest blow to its peacekeeping mission.