Has Iran Executed 15,000 Protesters?

The Iranian government has detained—but not killed—that number of its citizens in the past year.

Iran, America, and the Democratic Impulse

The collapse of the theocracy could change American attitudes about promoting democracy.

Iran-Backed Militias in Baghdad Present a Test for Biden

How will the administration respond to the murder of an American citizen?

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Are We Witnessing Another Iranian Revolution?

Protests calling for regime change persist, but would-be revolutionaries face a long and perilous road ahead: A Dispatch Explainer.

The Russia-Iran Axis

Deeper ties create risks for the West on battlefields far beyond Ukraine.

Why Biden Should Be Wary of Conciliatory Gestures from Iran

The regime wants sanctions relief to buy off the opposition movement.

Biden’s Iran Policy After the Protests

The recent wave of unrest is an opportunity to reset America’s approach to the Islamic Republic.

Iran After Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

How the Islamic Republic’s 83-year-old ruler plans to cement his repressive legacy: a Dispatch Explainer.

On the Precipice of a Very Bad Iran Deal

Iran, Russia, and China would benefit greatly, while the U.S. and its allies get almost nothing in return for reentering the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Agreement.

Five Minutes from Disaster

The U.S. is offering Iran the deal of the millennium, and yet the Islamic Republic—and Russia—want more concessions.

How Congress Can Keep Biden From Caving to Iran’s Demands

The administration has said it will not remove the IRGC’s terrorist designation, but it is likely looking for ways to ease the burden on Iran.

New Iran Nuclear Deal? Same Old Missile Problems.

The U.S. and Europe ignore Iranian missile tech developments at their own peril.

Biden’s Misguided Blame Game on Iran

After a year in office, the president now owns the policy impasse.

From ‘Maximum Pressure’ to ‘Minimal Resistance’

The Biden administration has barely responded to Iran’s escalation of its nuclear program.