Approximate Response

As Iran strikes American bases, the U.S. retaliates against Tehran’s proxies.

Biden’s Words Speak Louder Than His Actions

The president’s risk-averse foreign policy only invites more conflict.

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Hezbollah Plays the Waiting Game

The Iranian-backed group continues to tease involvement in the Israel-Hamas war.

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Hamas’ Online War

How disinformation from the terrorist group and its backers reaches millions daily.

How the ‘Axis of Resistance’ Lets Iran Destabilize the Middle East

The Islamic Republic has built a powerful coalition of militias that operate across the region.

Deterrence Through Strength

The U.S. cannot afford to let Iran continue to cross red lines.

Map of Iran Surrounded by U.S. Military Bases Is Riddled With Inaccuracies

Elon Musk shared the image on Twitter.

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Washington Braces for a Broader War in the Middle East

Recent attacks on U.S. troops signal the growing danger of a regional conflict.

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Hamas’ War Is a Convenient Distraction for Iran

A host of nuclear-deal sanctions are set to expire, giving the Islamic Republic power to pursue a lethal agenda.

The Taskmaster in Tehran

In the Middle East, Iran is pulling the strings.

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Lax Sanctions Enforcement Has Yielded a Windfall for Iran

The regime has made much more on oil sales since Biden took office.

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Is Saudi-Israeli Peace Done For?

Hamas used violence to veto normalization talks. It’s not a winning tactic.

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Will Iran Goad Hezbollah Into War with Israel?

An attack on the north could put the IDF in a multifront war against two Iran-backed terror organizations.

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The Man Helping to Build Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’

Mohammad Saeed Izadi is an IRGC official who is at the center of escalatory actions against Israel over the last decade.

Iran’s Influence Operation Over Nuclear Negotiations

Government circles reward access to Tehran—even if it’s at the expense of U.S. interests.

Iran Shows No Signs of ‘De-Escalation’

As the White House pursues diplomacy, Iran’s president threatens America and its allies.