Nations, Nation-States, and Nationalism

On Ukraine and the treason of the nationalists.

The Senate Foreign-Aid-and-Border Package Is Mostly Dead

The Republican House has no truck for the deal brokered by Senate negotiators.

South Africa’s International Court of Justice Claims Against Israel, Explained

The United Nations arm will weigh in on claims of genocide.

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s Looming Political Predicament

Can the career of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister survive this war?

Israel’s War Against Hamas Continues to Broaden

Flare-ups across the Middle East can be traced back to Tehran.

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Israel’s Refugee Crisis Could Drag on For Months

‘All of my life I built a home, a place where I can be safe. But now I know that I don’t have that anymore.’

Support for Israel Is Costing Biden. But for How Long?

One year from now, progressives might be more worried about Donald Trump than angry with the president.

What, Exactly, Should Israel Do?

A sincere question for those who think Israel shouldn’t respond to Hamas.

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Thousands March for Israel

‘This is our family. They’re our mishpacha. It runs through our veins.’

How Anti-Zionism Shrugs Off Antisemitism

New words and ideas can’t sanitize very old facts.

Assessing Claims That Ethiopian Immigrants to Israel Received Birth Control Shots Without Consent

Investigations into the alleged practice were inconclusive.

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‘Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem’

Evangelicals’ support for Israel is historical. But it’s also broader than current political alliances.

Herding Cats

Populist contradictions in Mike Johnson’s first major bill.

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What a Ground Campaign in Gaza Will Look Like

Expect a drawn-out battle with high casualty counts—and frightening global implications.