Jordan’s Threat to the Middle Eastern Order

The kingdom has made a tradition of inciting unrest with Israel during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Middle East Braces for a Nuclear Iran

Saudi Arabia eyes diplomacy while Israel prepares for confrontation.

Israel Sidesteps a Crisis—For Now

Benjamin Netanyahu delays his judicial reform package, but his fragile governing coalition stands on a precipice.

Is Netanyahu Too Democratic?

The debate over Israeli judicial reform exposes a flawed understanding of majority rule.

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Is Benjamin Netanyahu Undermining Israeli Democracy?

The new government’s plans to reshape the judiciary have intensified already deep polarization: A Dispatch Explainer.

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Coming Out as an Arab Advocate of Peace with Israel

Proponents of normalization have a chance to bring a peace deal across the finish line.

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Can Israel Normalize Relations with Saudi Arabia?

Benjamin Netanyahu will need to push past the bad blood between the Saudis and Americans.

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The Hidden Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Campaign

What happens when the firms handling environmental, social, and governance ratings are themselves biased?

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Attacks in Israel Continue, but for How Long?

With backing from Iran, Hamas and other terror groups vow more violence.