The Messianic Temptation

From Obama to Trump, the left and right have treated their leaders with quasi-religious devotion.

The Two MAGAs

Mike Johnson versus Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Conversion Or Exile

The weirdly rational populist strategy of purging conservatives.

The Consolation of the Grift

How to exculpate a party gone mad.

American Idols

On the Taylor Swift “psy op.”

Three Ways of Looking at Mike Johnson

Are Republicans trying to force normal conservatives away from the party?

The War Room’s Speaker Victory

As Mike Johnson became speaker of the House, the loudest elements of the MAGA world cheered.

Israel First?

Why MAGA Republicans sound like neocons after Hamas’ attack.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Balloons

Sputnik, but dumber.

They Got Took

Right-wing populists backed unelectable candidates—exactly as Democrats hoped they would.