Marjorie Taylor Greene

Divorced From Reality

Americans already live the way they want to live, where they want to live.

Our Best Stuff From the Week We Marked One Year of War in Ukraine

Plus: Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for a national divorce, Roald Dahl is bowdlerized, and more.

My Own Private East Pakistan

Lessons on national divorce from South Asia.

Greene Calls for a ‘National Divorce’

Plus: Republicans begin field hearings.

Stirewaltisms: An Experiment in Negative Partisanship

If nothing else, the State of the Union highlighted how our awful politics got that way.

One Cheer for Heckling

Can an already degraded event be diminished?



Living Under ‘Marshall Law’

We’ve been sentenced to government by illiterates.

Attorney General Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Trump might have carte blanche on appointments in a second term.