New Right

Missing Souljah

Joe Biden and the ‘persuasion election.’

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The Full Duranty

Vladimir Putin’s U.S. admirers are full of it.

Look What You Made Me Do

On being compelled to write about Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and ‘psy ops.’

The MAGAfication of the Left

A progressive movement that makes allowances for Jew-hatred cannot endure.

The New Right Gets Mugged by an Old Reality

Economic nationalists champion interventionism, but they’re waking up to a harsh fact: Political opponents can wield it too.

Herding Cats

Populist contradictions in Mike Johnson’s first major bill.

The Rise of the Republican Echo-System

Obsession with purity caused GOP dysfunction well before Donald Trump came along.

Red on Red

Will populists split over Israel?

House Republicans to Decide on a Speaker—Probably

Plus: A divide within the New Right on the U.S. response to the attack on Israel.

Leopards Eating People’s Faces

Turns out populists have faces too.

Retconning Capitalism

Sohrab Ahmari’s critiques of free markets in ‘Tyranny, Inc.’ conflate private power with state-backed coercion.

The New Right Discovers … Socialized Medicine?

Turning to a proven failure such as the NHS model for purely emotional reasons is childish.

The Biggest Threat to Conservatism? The New Right.

It won’t bring about a conservative renaissance, but it could legitimize progressivism.

The New Right Is Neither New nor Right

When ‘timeless principles’ become inconvenient.

Eccentricity Isn’t a Political Agenda

On Patrick Deneen and the New Right's lack of intellectual seriousness.