Politics Wasn’t Meant to be Loved

On Valentine’s Day, consider how curiosity, friendship, and beauty can curb an obsession with politics.

Healing a Nation, One Relationship at a Time

David Brooks’ ‘How to Know a Person’ offers a granular approach to national unity.

A Civil Society

Alexandra Hudson’s ‘The Soul of Civility’ distinguishes civility from mere politeness or niceness.

The Thanksgiving Table Is Not Your Personal Stage

Choose gratitude over performative politics this holiday.

Why Small Dollar Donors Have Such Outsize Influence on Our Politics

We end up with more extreme candidates, for starters.

A Grassroots Movement to Depolarize the U.S.?

The Braver Angels organization seeks to help red and blue Americans see each other as neighbors instead of enemies.

Goopy Infowars

When both sides try to peddle the same garbage in different packaging.

The Sweep: Is Trump the Frontrunner or Not?

Plus: A sign that our polarization is only getting worse.

‘America’s Recovery Potential Is Awesome’

But it won’t come through politics. An exit interview with Sen. Ben Sasse.

Stirewaltisms: Of Gifts and Grifts

While many of us want to pull back from the excesses of political savagery, others plunge headlong into the bloody fray.

Why I’m Getting More Libertarian Every Day

America seems to want more government, but it needs less.

I’ll Pass on This Glorious Revolution

Such talk is fundamentally unserious and fundamentally immature.

Radical Kooks

When political violence occurs, sorting out the crazy from the politics can be difficult.

Grading Morality on a Curve

When political violence happens, our outrage should not be dependent upon which side of the aisle the victim sits.

Pelosi Attack Reignites Concerns Over Lawmakers’ Safety

Capitol Police have made changes to respond to threats over the past year, but the tide keeps rising.

Our Best Stuff From an Extreme Week

Nancy Pelosi’s husband is attacked in their home by an assailant.