Republican Primary 2024

The Acceptance Stage

Nikki Haley confronts her post-Republican future.

Win or Lose in South Carolina, Haley Seems Poised to Keep On Trucking

Plus: A look at the RNC’s Trumpian turnover.

Showdown in South Carolina

Donald Trump and Nikki Haley get personal ahead of Saturday’s primary contest.

‘Chaotic and Puzzling’: The Implosion of the Border Deal

Plus: Despite the odds, Nikki Haley’s campaign ramps up for Super Tuesday.

The Consolation of the Grift

How to exculpate a party gone mad.

Is There a Future in the GOP for Haley’s Right-Hand Man?

New Hampshire salvaged Nikki Haley’s longshot campaign. It wouldn’t have been possible without Gov. Chris Sununu.

Group Seeks to Boost Democratic Support for Nikki Haley

PrimaryPivot says it has enough money to remain active through the March 12 primaries.

The Half Liz

How much truth should Nikki Haley tell about Donald Trump?

Our Best Stuff From the Week Nikki Haley Fought Back

Plus: The RNC jumps the shark, the United Nations beclowns itself, and more.

Assessing Claims That Nikki Haley Is ‘Claiming Victory’ After Primary and Caucus Losses

Haley conceded that Trump won after both Iowa and New Hampshire.

RNC Moving to Declare Trump Its Presumptive Nominee

An RNC committeeman has submitted the proposal despite Nikki Haley’s vow to stay in the race.

The Price of Admission to the GOP

Donald Trump wants one thing: blind loyalty.

Bring On the Crack-Up

New Hampshire and the future.

For Nikki Haley, on to South Carolina

Plus: A Joe Biden abortion rally turns into a pro-Palestinian protest.

Team Trump’s Second Win

Despite high turnout from independent voters, the former president won the New Hampshire primary.

It’s 2024 or Bust for Nikki Haley

Why the second-place finisher in New Hampshire isn’t quitting.