Student Debt

The Upside of the College Enrollment Downswing

Declining college enrollment will cause some pain but will also benefit students and universities in the long run.

Student Debt Cancellation, Canceled

Plus: SCOTUS rules for a Christian website designer in a free speech case.

The Morning Dispatch: Biden Says Pandemic Over—But Not the National Emergency

Plus: Protests rack Iran after the death of a young woman in morality police custody.

Why Democrats Might Come to Regret Student Debt Relief

Usually, giving stuff away is a winning political strategy. But that’s not an iron law.

The Student Loan Bailout Is Terrible Policy. The GOP Response Has Been Weak.

It’s a consequence of the move away from policy toward grievance culture.

A More Nuanced Approach to Student Loan Forgiveness

Blanket forgiveness would be unfair as well as inflationary. There are more practical solutions.

Canceling Student Debt Won’t Fix the Real Injustice in Higher Education

The runaway inflation in the cost of higher education is disproportionate to the benefits it provides.