Jacob Becker

Jacob Becker currently serves as assistant general counsel for the Texas A&M University System. He holds a J.D. from Southern Methodist University, where he previously served as assistant general counsel.

Jacob Becker
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Lessons in Complicity

Tyrants and terrorists deserve the blame for their atrocities, but we cannot ignore those who acknowledge injustice and do nothing, either.

Revisiting the SCOTUS Game Day Prayer Ruling

The decision’s “coercion test” has guided key lower-court religious freedom cases over the past year.

The Dangers of Prosecutorial Nullification

Choosing to ignore entire categories of crimes or criminals is a threat to the separation of powers.

The Dangers of an ‘Angry Pacifism’

What America can learn from a 20th-century British political cartoon character.

The First Culture War and Its Lingering Fallout

A new book that blames Ronald Reagan and economic resentment misses the real cause.

The Speech That Saved the Nation in 1877

With the outcome of the 1876 election up in the air months after Election Day, Sen. Roscoe Conkling delivered an address that helped ward off an electoral crisis.

A More Nuanced Approach to Student Loan Forgiveness

Blanket forgiveness would be unfair as well as inflationary. There are more practical solutions.

An American Inquisition

Our partisan factions' hunt for political heretics is growing more mainstream.

Déjà Vu for Title IX

Joe Biden seeks to resurrect some of Obama’s guidance adjudication of sexual assault claims on campus.

A Lesson in Reckless Rhetoric

The events January 6 were not in the spirit of 1776. They were more akin to 1793.