Supreme Court

There Is No ‘Trump Problem’

A friendly reminder from the Colorado Supreme Court.

Trump’s Presidential Immunity Question

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Common Law Judgments, Common Sense Justices

The court’s skepticism of financial regulators’ power may be the prelude to an even bigger case.

An Indian Murder-for-Hire Plot

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Purdue Pharma’s Bankruptcy Case, Explained

The Supreme Court’s decision may unravel the drug maker’s bankruptcy.

The Supreme Court Can Fix Its Oldest Mistake This Year

The court long ago gutted the Privileges or Immunities Clause. A new case would give the court a chance to restore it.

Will Donald Trump Attack the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court?

He’s mostly directed his outrage at lower-court judges, but his calculus could change over the next year.

The Perils of Activist Journalism

There’s a vast gulf between reporting and campaigning.

Oklahoma’s New Catholic Charter School, Explained

St. Isidore would be funded with taxpayer money, which raises First Amendment questions.

I, the Jury

Why ‘credibly accused’ is usually an uncredible accusation.

Our Best Stuff on the Supreme Court, Trump’s Legal Woes, and Ukraine

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Ultra Vires

Down with ‘Popular Constitutionalism.’

The Roberts Court at the Crossroads

Four key themes from the court’s recent term.

A Wealth of Imbecility

The Constitution doesn't confuse imaginary and realized incomes.

The Incoherence of Illegitimacy

Michael Waldman’s ‘The Supermajority’ doubles down on caricatures of the Supreme Court.

Process Over Outcomes

The Supreme Court’s upcoming Second Amendment case is just as much about due process.