Trump Indictment

License to Ill

If the president does it, is it not illegal?

Big Questions Linger on Colorado’s Trump-Ballot Decision

Plus: Donald Trump responds to prosecutors on the presidential immunity question and the House GOP isn’t finished with Hunter Biden.

Trump’s Presidential Immunity Question

Plus: Hunter Biden’s sordid past is finally catching up with him.

No Blanket Immunity for Trump in January 6 Civil Case

Plus: Christie—and only Christie—goes after the president from the debate stage.

Donald Trump ‘Jokes’ Away Questions About Being a Dictator

Plus: Another debate, but don’t expect Trump’s rivals to go after him.

Chris Christie Predicts Political ‘Fallout’ for Trump’s Trials

The former New Jersey governor talks to Dispatch Politics about his path to the nomination.

Pondering the Prosecution of a President

What happens if the Georgia trial is ongoing in January 2025?

What’s the Deal with the Plea Deals?

Interpreting the guilty pleas from Donald Trump’s co-defendants in Georgia.

Forgiving Jenna Ellis

How much grace is a remorseful coup-enabler owed?

Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty in Georgia

And the new gag order in Trump’s federal election interference case, explained.

Trials and Primaries and Motions, Oh My

Looking ahead at the next several months of politics and the law colliding.

Time to Step Aside?

Questions about Biden’s 2024 bid are mounting—among Democrats.

Polling on Trump’s Cases Shows Two Different Universes

Republicans are rallying around their guy, but the general electorate thinks the indictments are legit.

The Elephant in the Room

Should Biden make a campaign issue of Trump’s criminal jeopardy?

The Election Nobody Wants

Despite low favorability ratings, a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024 is looking more and more likely.

Making a Federal Case of It

Trump’s co-defendants are trying to remove their Georgia indictments to federal court. Expect him to do the same.