Trump Indictment

Time to Step Aside?

Questions about Biden’s 2024 bid are mounting—among Democrats.

Polling on Trump’s Cases Shows Two Different Universes

Republicans are rallying around their guy, but the general electorate thinks the indictments are legit.

The Elephant in the Room

Should Biden make a campaign issue of Trump’s criminal jeopardy?

The Election Nobody Wants

Despite low favorability ratings, a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024 is looking more and more likely.

Making a Federal Case of It

Trump’s co-defendants are trying to remove their Georgia indictments to federal court. Expect him to do the same.

Electability’s Last Stand

The politics of Trump’s trial date.


The costs and benefits of prosecuting a president.

If Life Was a Movie

A weird trick that helps me identify the real-world protagonists.

On Trump’s Indictments, There Was No Debate

The GOP field (mostly) punts on the frontrunner’s legal problems.

 Trump’s Trial Logistics, Explained

Holding four trials in four jurisdictions—each one featuring the most famous defendant in the world—may turn out to be a scheduling nightmare.

Previewing the First Republican Primary Debate of the Cycle

With Trump out, GOP candidates scramble to make the Fox News-hosted event mean something.

Our Best Stuff From the Week of the Georgia Indictment

Plus, Hunter Biden’s legal woes and a deep dive on class resentment and populism.

Trump’s Unconstitutional Enterprise

There’s no reason to cling to the presumption of innocence on his moral and historical culpability.

Donald Trump’s RICO Nightmare

A primer on the racketeering case brought by Fani Willis.

Ranking the Four Criminal Cases Against Trump

How this week’s indictment in Georgia fits in with the rest.

Racket Ball

The fourth indictment is the most satisfying.