U.S. Military

Niger Orders American Exit

American officials scramble to avoid the ouster of U.S. forces from the junta-led West African country.

U.S. Ships Depart for Gaza

The Biden administration begins the military-led construction of a temporary pier in the Mediterranean.

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Countering the Coming Drone War

The U.S. faces a rapidly evolving drone threat. Can the Pentagon and industrial base keep up?

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Iran’s Escalation Game

Will the United States’ attacks against Iran-backed militias be enough to deter the Islamic Republic?

How the Military Plans Joint Operations, Explained

Long-established procedures guide virtually every military operation carried out today.

Iran-Backed Forces Kill Three U.S. Soldiers

After the tragedy in Jordan, Biden considers his options.

The Secretary of Defense and the Chain of Command, Explained

The Pentagon inspector general is investigating after Lloyd Austin’s recent hospitalization.

Crossing the Red Sea

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis attack commercial vessels and Western interests.

Approximate Response

As Iran strikes American bases, the U.S. retaliates against Tehran’s proxies.

This Veterans Day, Strike Up a Conversation

Meaningful dialogue begins with everyday interactions.

Map of Iran Surrounded by U.S. Military Bases Is Riddled With Inaccuracies

Elon Musk shared the image on Twitter.

Viral Video Claims to Show U.S. Marines Landing in Israel

The soldiers are from the Army and they are arriving in Romania.