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Calling Putin’s Black Sea Bluff

Why did Russia’s president back down on his threat to resume blockading Ukrainian grain exports? A Dispatch Explainer.

When Doves Cry

House progressives make a mess of diplomacy over Ukraine.

Progressives Push for a Ukraine Ceasefire

A group of Democrats is urging the White House to pursue a diplomatic end to Russia’s war as Republican support for Ukraine aid may be waning.

Get Ready For a Busy Lame Duck

Democrats may want to act on the debt ceiling and Ukraine aid, but that’s easier said than done.

It’s Hard Out Here For a Simp

Putin is making life hard for his Western apologists.

The Russia-Iran Axis

Deeper ties create risks for the West on battlefields far beyond Ukraine.

Why It’s So Hard to End the War in Ukraine

Both sides see more peril in negotiations than continuing the fight.

Molting Hawks

Will isolationists dominate the 2024 Republican field?

Our Best Stuff From Another Big Week for Ukraine

An explosion takes out a portion of the bridge connecting Russia to Crimea.

Fact Checking Claims That the U.S. Government Paid for Starlink Systems for Ukraine

The government has paid for some, but not all, of the terminals delivered.

The Anti-War Right’s Misguided View of Putin

For many, he’s simply an avatar for a wholesale critique of America.

The Coming GOP Civil War Over Ukraine Funding

How the midterms will shape U.S. support for the war.

Our Best Stuff From a Week of Big Russia News

Putin threatens nuclear weapons, tries to annex Ukrainian land, and Russian forces make a retreat.