Did Rand Paul Applaud Officer Eugene Goodman in a Senate Ceremony?

A viral Facebook post from popular left-wing account The Other 98% claims that Sen. Rand Paul “was the only one not to applaud Officer Eugene Goodman.”

Other posts have made similar claims about Paul refusing to clap when Goodman was recognized by the Senate on Friday for his role in defending the Senate during the January 6 storming of the Capitol, with some even including video purportedly showing Paul standing silently as those around him gave Goodman a standing ovation. 

However, such video was edited: Full video of the scene shows Paul did clap, at least briefly. (Paul occupies the second furthest right desk on the near side of the video.)

We have pulled a screenshot from the video and indicated where Paul can be found. In the video, you can see him clapping at the 56 second point. 

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