Jeryl Bier

Jeryl Bier is the editor of Pluribus, an online project exploring the rising tide of illiberalism; a freelance writer; a frequent Twitter (X) user; and an accountant.

Jeryl Bier
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A Dark Day for the Middle East—and Journalism

How the New York Times misled its readers about the hospital bombing in Gaza.

How the Pandemic Has Overwhelmed a Federal Injury Compensation Program

Thousands of claims have been filed. Only a handful—most of them rejected—have been resolved.

Rewriting Jacob Blake

When the paper of record distorts the record.

Speaker Threatened Retribution at Weekend Rally in Kenosha

Toward the end of a Justice for Jacob event, Maruwa Ferrell said, 'if you kill one of us, it’s time for us to kill one of yours.'

The New York Times Tries to Rewrite Very Recent History

A news story referring to ‘isolated incidents of violence’ ignores the paper’s own coverage of the riots and looting that broke out after George Floyd’s death.

How Misinformation About the U.S. Needing ‘1 Million Ventilators’ Spread

Even the New England Journal of Medicine was misled.

There Is No Reason to Believe China Is Reporting Its Coronavirus Cases Accurately

And yet media outlets have taken the numbers at face value.

Trump Just Can’t Resist Cheering Authoritarians

Witness what he said about China’s brutal crackdown on those suspected of opioid and fentanyl trafficking.