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Was Hank Aaron’s Death Tied to the COVID Vaccine?
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Was Hank Aaron’s Death Tied to the COVID Vaccine?

There is no evidence to support this claim.

After baseball legend Hank Aaron passed away last week, rumors began to spread online that his death was somehow connected to the coronavirus vaccine he had received on January 5.

From the start, there was no evidence to support these claims, which offered as proof only the timing of his death 17 days after receiving the vaccination. In a statement announcing Aaron’s death, the Atlanta Braves mentioned that Aaron had “passed away peacefully in his sleep” at the age of 86.

Morehouse College, where Aaron had the vaccine administered, released a statement saying that Aaron’s death “was not related to the vaccine, nor did he experience any side effects from the immunization.” According to local news outlets, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s report attributed Aaron’s death to “natural causes.”

Despite speculation, there’s no evidence to suggest that the coronavirus vaccine played any role in Aaron’s death. 

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Alec Dent is a former culture editor and staff writer for The Dispatch.