Brad Polumbo

Brad Polumbo

California Just Passed Common-Sense Criminal Justice Reforms. Really.

Conservative analysts say the measures save taxpayer money and promote limited government.

Is Trump’s ‘Back to Work Bonus’ a Good Idea?

Right-of-center economists express reservations about the latest stimulus proposal some top Republicans are considering.

The Nightmare Scenario Facing International College Students

How Trump's announced policy denying student visas to those whose schools are online-only will put many in untenable situations.

New Hope for Civil Forfeiture Reform

A bipartisan bill in the Senate offers the opportunity for some improvement on the criminal justice front.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Abolish Qualified Immunity

One of the justice system’s most pernicious legal provisions acts as a de facto liability shield for bad cops and other reckless government officials.

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No, We Shouldn’t Cancel Our Debt With China

The idea is gaining traction among some on the right, but it would create many problems and ultimately cost American taxpayers.

The Democrats’ HEROES Act Could Extend Our Economic Distress

Continuing to fund additional unemployment benefits will deter workers from returning as the economy tries to reopen.