Dalibor Rohac

Dalibor Rohac
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Biden Can’t Afford to Ignore the Threats From Russia

The U.S. must be willing to back its diplomacy with a dose of hard power.

After Failing on the Pandemic, the WHO Seeks More Power

We should instead ask for greater accountability of global public health bodies and officials.

The Problems With Populism Go Well Beyond Donald Trump

It is the worst possible vehicle for policy change.

How the EU Has Bungled Its Vaccine Rollout

It's a combination of a lengthy approval process, the choice to rely on a 'diversified portfolio' of vaccines, and a concession to a French vaccine that isn't ready.

The EU Shouldn’t Rush Into a Comprehensive Trade Deal With China

China is trying to rush a deal through before EU-U.S. relations stabilize. Europe shouldn't cave.

Partisans Are Trying to Have It Both Ways on Populism. That’s a Problem.

Let's look at how Democrats want to tear down our institutions, for example.

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Why the U.S. Is Hosting a Summit With Kosovo and Serbia

While the EU has mismanaged the relationship, Russia and China have taken advantage of the power vacuum.