Emma Rogers

Emma Rogers

How the U.S. Drone Warfare Program Evolved Over Two Decades

As this technology further develops, leadership gains access to increasingly precise weapons of war.

Lebanon, One Year Later

The deadly port explosion exacerbated a troubled country’s political and economic problems. No one has been held accountable.

A Long Road to a Long Race

How Katie Ledecky is primed to win the first women's 1500 meter race in Olympic swimming history.

‘The Ethiopian People Don’t Have a Meaningful Choice’

Abiy Ahmed is widely expected to remain prime minister after an election in which regions of the country were unable to vote.

How Alexander Lukashenko Has Maintained His Grip Over Belarus for Decades

Arresting the opposition, limiting free press, and declaring victory margins so large that even supporters are skeptical.

What You Need to Know About Texas’ Election Reform Bill

Critics have called it a return to Jim Crow. Reality is more complicated.