Gary Schmitt

Gary Schmitt is a resident scholar in strategic studies and American institutions at the American Enterprise Institute.

Gary Schmitt

Promising Signs From the NATO Summit

Russia’s aggression has prompted a formal Strategic Concept that is light years beyond what could have been agreed to even a year ago.

The Uncomfortable Truth of Biden’s Gaffe

There can be no real peace for Ukraine and no peace of mind for Eastern Europe if Vladimir Putin remains in power.

Biden’s Truman Moment

It’s time for an increase in America’s real ‘hard power.’

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Congress reassesses which Authorizations for the Use of Military Force are past their sell-by date.

What We Have Yet to Learn About the Capitol Riots

Whether late-breaking intelligence supported significantly greater defenses remains to be seen.

The Problem Isn’t How We Elect Presidents. It’s How We Select Candidates.

The primary system has yielded nominees who are noteworthy less for their governing experience and more for their sales pitches to the people.

Why Biden Outperformed Dems While Trump Fared Worse Than the GOP

It makes sense when you look at how the former vice president campaigned.

An Old-Fashioned, Conservative Reason Biden Could Win

Polls show that voters care about character.

The End of ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ Regarding Taiwan

Here are the steps the U.S. can take, and why we should take them.

One President at a Time

The Logan Act may be a dead letter, but its concern about just who is speaking for the government is still an issue.