Gary Schmitt

Gary Schmitt is a resident scholar in strategic studies and American institutions at the American Enterprise Institute.

Gary Schmitt

Another Trump Term Is a Grave Threat to NATO

And he wouldn’t even have to be a ‘dictator on Day 1’ to pull it off.

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President Biden should find a new running mate for his reelection campaign.

A Brief History of a Bullheaded President

Franklin Foer’s new book about Joe Biden reveals a president whose ambitions have exceeded his mandate.

January 6’s Intelligence Failures

They were not solely the domain of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Remembering Secretariat

His legacy—and his records—live on a half-century after his greatest race.

Picking a President: Back to the Future?

Character mattered in the 18th century, just as it matters in 2024.

Going to War Over Taiwan: Who Decides?

Even if Biden could justify U.S. intervention without congressional approval, it’s politically important to have the legislative branch on board.

Off the Cuff Won’t Cut It, Mr. President

Joe Biden’s statements on Taiwan and Russia’s nuclear threat have consequences.

If the GOP Loses the Senate, Look to Pennsylvania and Georgia

Nominating unqualified candidates in the primary could be costly in November.

Uncertainty Over Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit Exposes American Weakness

If she does not go, Beijing will have taken the measure of another American White House and found it to be more bark than bite.