Guy Denton

Guy Denton

The Making of Robert P. George

The longtime Princeton professor reflects on his journey from Morgantown to Princeton and the state of academia.

Ross Douthat Emerges From the Depths

The New York Times columnist reflects on his political development, his struggle with chronic illness, and the future of conservatism.

The Conservatism of Bret Stephens

The New York Times columnist discusses his political evolution and classical liberalism in modern America.

Drive-Time Ruminant 5: The Inestimable Trio

The drive-time Remnant format returns today to prelude a new era for The Dispatch. With ...

Celebrating Independence Day with Parliament-Funkadelic

This year, a different Founding Father deserves our attention.

George Will Stands Against Vehemence

Conservatism’s most powerful journalist reflects on his political evolution.

The View from the Children’s Table

Christopher Buckley wants us to take humor seriously.

A Quarter-Century of ‘Uncommon Knowledge’ 

A history of the long-running public affairs show hosted by Peter Robinson.

COVID with Sinatra

On the ultimate quarantine companion.

American Psycho at 30

Patrick Bateman would still hate himself for fitting in.