Guy Denton

Guy Denton

A Disappointing ‘Frasier’ Reboot

The revival of the 1990s classic sitcom offers no justification for its own existence.

Joaquin’s Delicate Condition

‘Beau Is Afraid’—Ari Aster’s bloated, brazen, and sporadically brilliant new film—could give Freud nightmares.

Depeche Mode Confronts Mortality

‘Memento Mori,’ the band’s latest album, is its most personal yet. But the songs largely fail to engage.

Willem Dafoe’s Creative Destruction

‘Inside’ is an intriguing film that lacks thematic depth.

Screaming for Mercy

'Scream VI' can be exhilarating, but it’s ultimately a waste of potential.

Toxic Waste

Noah Baumbach’s 'White Noise' is impossible to connect with.

‘Now I Find Myself Alone’

The career of David Sylvian—a pop star turned avant-garde recluse—is rich, rewarding, and fiercely individual.

‘I Took a Trip on the Ship of Fools’

On a slow boat to Mexico with only Kiss fans for company.

Crack, Bowie, Crack

‘Moonage Daydream,’ a new documentary about music’s great chameleon, is alternately enervating and exhilarating.

The Band That Fell to Earth

50 years since its arrival on the music scene, Roxy Music’s style and artistry remains unique.