Drive-Time Ruminant 5: The Inestimable Trio

The drive-time Remnant format returns today to prelude a new era for The Dispatch. With Nick Pompella now off to the wilds of Indiana, Jonah, Ryan, and Guy are left to explore the mad world of D.C. living and marmite advertising as a trio. Brace your bingo cards for a wild ride, as Jonah reflects on his conversation with Steak-umm social media guru Nathan Allebach, Ryan ponders the origin of “Republicans pounce,” and Guy previews an epic oral history of The Simpsons. Was Marbury v. Madison wrongly decided? What’s so funny about the sweet taste of candy? And who will succeed Nick as the Alfred to Jonah’s Batman?

Show Notes:

The Remnant with Nathan Allebach

Joe Isuzu

Advertising reaches its peak

Guy and Ryan on The Comments Section podcast

Salty campaigning

“These Superbowl commercials are weird”

The Dispatch Podcast on the eviction moratorium extension

Republicans pounce on Cori Bush

Vindication for Jonah on “Latinx”

The Wednesday G-File

Jonah’s hatred of the Brookings Institution, colorized

“We do, we do”

Coalitional instincts

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