Terms of Engagement

July’s drive-time Remnant extravaganza is here, and it’s as deprived of substance as you’d expect. Wedding proposals, cruises, road trips, and other offbeat subjects are all discussed at unnecessary length, but a modicum of serious punditry is also mixed in on the upcoming midterms and the potential for a Trump re-election campaign announcement. Plus, tune in to hear Jonah detail his bygone days as an opera supernumerary and the rebranding of Bloggingheads.tv.

Show Notes:

What’s Next Summit Tickets

Last month’s drive-time

Guy’s Kiss trip

Breezewood, PA

The Daily on the James Webb Space Telescope

Bad strategy

Nonzero, formerly Bloggingheads.tv

The SmartLess podcast

The Dispatch Podcast on the James Webb Space Telescope

Ruy Teixeira joins AEI

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