John Hart

John Hart is the co-founder of the Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions.

John Hart

The Coming Climate Apocalypse?

Innovation can help us address climate change. But conservatives need to make the right arguments.

The Unbearable Opportunity Cost of Trumpism

What politicians sacrifice when they leap to defend the former president.

Why Reaganism Can Beat Trumpism in 2024

Haley and the rest of the field are making the same bet.

Senate Republicans Need to Define What They’re For

The Inflation Reduction Act floor debate is the perfect opportunity.

Surprise! Pork Barrel Politics Is Back

The omnibus spending package that Biden signed last week has billions in earmarks.

A Turning Point in the Climate Debate

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has progressive climate fundamentalism in retreat. It’s time for pragmatism.

How Purging Liz Cheney From Leadership Will Backfire for the GOP

The conventional wisdom that the GOP can survive only by further appeasing Trump is wrong.

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Economic Freedom Is Great for the Planet

Data show that free economies are cleaner than those dominated by central planning.

How the GOP Can Reverse the Progressive Advance

It’s time the party returns to its foundational principles.

Beware the Return of the Earmarxists

Democrats have argued we need to return to pork-barrel politics to get Congress working again. It's an invitation for graft and corruption.