Kevin D. Williamson

Kevin D. Williamson is national correspondent at The Dispatch and is based in Virginia. Prior to joining the company in 2022, he spent 15 years as a writer and editor at National Review, worked as the theater critic at the New Criterion, and had a long career in local newspapers. He is also a writer in residence at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. When Kevin is not reporting on the world outside Washington for his Wanderland newsletter, you can find him at the rifle range or reading a book about literally almost anything other than politics.

Kevin D. Williamson

Everybody Said ‘Never Again’

Two contemporary studies in genocide.

There Is No Labor Shortage

It’s mostly the sectors dominated by low-wage jobs that are struggling.

Slate Publishes Gun-Control Fiction

Bump stocks aren’t machine guns, and good luck trying to fire an AR-style rifle 800 times in a minute.

Do the Wrong Thing

The nihilism of the modern Republican Party.

Biden’s Decline Is a Legitimate News Story

Whether some in the media want it to be or not.

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The Full Duranty

Vladimir Putin’s U.S. admirers are full of it.

A Shepherd of Wolves

Our sacralizing tendency assimilates every issue into a spiritualized conflict of visions that is ultimately not about policy but about identity.

There’s a Price to Pay for Public Trust

Crimes that corrupt our institutions don’t just hurt the people who are directly involved.

The Problem With ‘Monetizing the Debt’

Just printing more money won’t solve our problems.

Dumb as a Bag of Bricks

Some Republican voters see abortion as a political problem. But what if the political problem is Republicans?