Kevin D. Williamson

Kevin D. Williamson is a national correspondent for The Dispatch.

Kevin D. Williamson

Winter Is Coming

And neither Europe nor the United States is ready.

A Draconian Constitution? 

The Athenian lawmaker Draco wasn’t good at writing laws—but neither are most of his heirs.

Five Words of Wisdom

The U.S. economy is stupendous, despite what you might be hearing.

Against Euro-Vassalization

Thwarting the Chinese threat requires a wealthy and powerful European Union that can partner with the U.S.

The Long Reign of King Dollar

Aside from the princeling euro, the greenback has no real competitors globally.

Good Regulator, Bad Regulator

It’s important to distinguish between regulation and oversight.

Meet the Whigs

Republicans should remember that they are a third party.

Texas’ Bad Bet on Gambling

State-cartel gambling doesn’t provide the path to economic prosperity its backers claim.

Malice Toward All?

Whatever happens in Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox, it has exposed the network’s contempt for its viewers.

The Indictment and the Problem of Discretion

The question is fundamentally about trust, the great political lubricant of our society.