Kevin D. Williamson

Kevin D. Williamson is national correspondent at The Dispatch and is based in Virginia. Prior to joining the company in 2022, he spent 15 years as a writer and editor at National Review, worked as the theater critic at the New Criterion, and had a long career in local newspapers. He is also a writer in residence at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. When Kevin is not reporting on the world outside Washington for his Wanderland newsletter, you can find him at the rifle range or reading a book about literally almost anything other than politics.

Kevin D. Williamson

Autocrat-Immunity Disease

That we’re having a conversation about presidential immunity from criminal acts is insane.

What If There Is No Low-Hanging Economic Fruit? 

The myth of the president-as-rainmaker.

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Hamas Is Winning the Propaganda War

Let us not forget who is to blame for the current violence in Gaza.

Pretend It’s a University

On the past and future of higher education.

Striving After That Which Is Not Worth Having

On Nikki Haley as a modern day Becky Sharp.

At the Crossroads

As the calendar turns to 2024, which way will you go?

Defending the Ballot

There is more than one way to patrol the borders of democracy.

Where He Found Us

‘He meets us on our own terms because we cannot meet Him on His.’

The Missed Opportunity of George W. Bush’s ‘Ownership Society’

His model of reform was the right one, even if no one listened to him.

We Don’t Have a Wealth Problem. We Have a Math Problem.

The U.S. has enough money to do what it wants to do. But x is always less than 1.5x.