Kevin D. Williamson

Kevin D. Williamson is a national correspondent for The Dispatch.

Kevin D. Williamson

Art for Whose Sake?

There are tyrants among us who insist that cultural value is tied to some political criterion.

Dobbs Worked, Dobbs Is Working

Taking a long view of how the decision affected, and is affecting, American politics.

The War on Bubba

Our approach to gun crime is a mix of doing nothing and going after middle-aged guys who like to shoot rifles.

Second Nature

Thoughts on Thanksgiving.

By All Means, Investigate Everybody

Just be prepared for any outcome.

The DeSantis Dilemma

The Ron & Don show is officially on.

They Got Took

Right-wing populists backed unelectable candidates—exactly as Democrats hoped they would.

Book Review: ‘Power Failure: The Rise and Fall of an American Icon’ by William D. Cohan

How General Electric went from corporate darling to corpse.

Mormons and Gentiles and Jews and Gentiles

Is there an LDS voting bloc? 

Why Don’t Republicans Win in Big Cities?

There’s evidence that GOP mayors can get good things done—but local voters just aren’t interested.