Kevin D. Williamson

Kevin D. Williamson is a national correspondent for The Dispatch.

Kevin D. Williamson

The War on Poets

For tyrants, it’s not enough to just go after journalists.

When the Truth Takes a Back Seat

Perverse incentives are warping the profession of journalism.

Red, Blue, and Green

No comeback for Caligula.

Is Netanyahu Too Democratic?

The debate over Israeli judicial reform exposes a flawed understanding of majority rule.

Who Are These ‘Cultural Christians’?

Christian sensibility, but without the belief, is very little more than niceness inflated to the point of metaphysical comedy.

My Own Private East Pakistan

Lessons on national divorce from South Asia.


Joe Biden, Ukraine, and the ‘Goldwater Rule.’

Machiavelli on the Hustings

What would the great Florentine political theorist make of our modern ruling class?

The Committee to Pillory Carol Siemon

A prosecutor could have put the Michigan State shooter in prison years ago.

DeSantis Is (Almost) Right About Libel Law

And the New York Times is wrong about DeSantis.