Paul Miller

Paul Miller
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The Most Dangerous Moment Since the Cuban Missile Crisis

Nothing in the past 60 years has brought us to the brink of nuclear catastrophe. Putin is doing his best.

Is the Republican Party Becoming the Sinn Féin of America?

An extremist movement is taking over the GOP at the same time that the threat of right-wing political violence is growing.

Christianity and American Identity

An excerpt from The Religion of Greatness.

Ukraine Is Not World War III

To act as though it is could trigger the very war we should most want to avoid.

How to Fight the New Cold War

Are we prepared to recognize that China is the much bigger threat?

Welcome to the New Cold War

We are not the only agents whose actions shape the world.

Vocal Minorities vs. the Exhausted Majority

A defense of (some) nutpicking.

Stop Calling It a Riot

January 6 was an act of terrorism.

Julian Assange’s Comeuppance

He is committed to an ideology, not of transparency but anti-government activism.

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Should the United States Fight World War III for Ukraine?

This is not our Munich moment, yet.