Thomas Koenig

Thomas Koenig is a student at Harvard Law School.

Thomas Koenig
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Discarding the Chevron Doctrine Will Not Fix Congress

But reducing warped electoral incentives might.

It’s Time for House Speaker Mike Gallagher

The world is too perilous for Republicans to continue wasting time with unserious lawmakers.

A Madisonian Proposal for Filibuster Reform

It’s possible to restore the Senate to a place of cool, reasoned deliberation.

The Incoherence of Illegitimacy

Michael Waldman’s ‘The Supermajority’ doubles down on caricatures of the Supreme Court.

Reforming—Not Abolishing—the Filibuster Could Improve Our Politics

Here’s a way to do it effectively.

What the New Right Is Getting Wrong

Integralists and national conservatives see the slow pace of American politics as a vice. But it’s what the Founders intended.

Instead of a New Party, How About a New Faction?

Those who are weary of extremists—on both the left and right—should come together to emphasize the truth above all else.

It’s Time to Make the House Bigger

The Congressional Apportionment Amendment—the first First Amendment—called for one member per 50,000 constituents.

How We Can Renew and Improve Our Civil Discourse

A review of Akhil Reed Amar’s ‘The Words That Made Us.’

We Should All Be Madisonians

How the fourth president avoided the despair that plagued his fellow Founding Fathers over what they created.