Vengeance Isn’t Enough

A review of 'The Batman.'

Ditching Journalism Ethics in ‘Inventing Anna’

Shonda Rhimes’ 'Inventing Anna' serves up tired stereotypes about women in media

Open the Books on Critical Race Theory

There should be nothing controversial about transparency rules that allow parents to see what their kids are being taught in school.

What Is the Metaverse?

A quick explainer on a topic you'll be hearing more about.

Robert Hayden, the Poet Who Would Not Be Canceled

Hayden focused on the sufferings and triumphs of black Americans, that wasn’t enough for some of his contemporaries.

Does the Future Face New Enemies?

Virginia Postrel discusses her intellectual development and dynamism in American life.

Deconstructing Dino

New documentary 'Dean Martin: King of Cool' provides a thorough look at its subject, but few new insights.

Theranos’ Third Man

Like film noir villain Harry Lime, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes' crimes aren't just financial: They've harmed medical patients.

‘Scream’ is Tedious, Glorified Fan Fiction

The loss of Wes Craven pervades this “requel,” which mistakes juvenile writing for inspired meta-comedy.

In Defense of Elitist Film Criticism

We need more standards, not fewer.

New Evidence Emerges: Kanakuk Kamp Blocked an Effort to Fire an Employee Later Revealed To Be a Serial Child Abuser

Pete Newman’s supervisor recommended he be fired in 2003, according to sources.

Bringing Back the Western

A review of 'The Harder They Fall.'

Takashi Miike: Modern Maverick

Japan’s most prolific and controversial filmmaker is a cinematic genius. And an ideal Halloween companion.

The Making of Robert P. George

The longtime Princeton professor reflects on his journey from Morgantown to Princeton and the state of academia.

Ross Douthat Emerges From the Depths

The New York Times columnist reflects on his political development, his struggle with chronic illness, and the future of conservatism.

On Donda, A Humbled Kanye West

The rapper’s tenth solo album is the first on which he admits he’s not in control.