‘The Green Knight’ Has No Chest

David Lowery’s ponderous new film possesses only a surface level understanding of the honor culture it critiques.

In the DC Universe, Death is Real

A review of 'The Suicide Squad'.

How Our Connections Cause Catastrophes

A review of Niall Ferguson’s ‘Doom.’

George Will Stands Against Vehemence

Conservatism’s most powerful journalist reflects on his political evolution.

‘Everything Depends on the Quality and Direction of Light’

An excerpt from Haven Point, a new novel by Virginia Hume.

The de Vil Is in the Details

A review of 'Cruella.’

‘For Love of Country They Accepted Death’

James Garfield’s 1868 speech at Arlington National Cemetery.

The City that Never Dies

A review of Zack Snyder's Vegas zombie movie 'Army of the Dead'.

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Jesse Singal’s ‘The Quick Fix,’ reviewed.

COVID with Sinatra

On the ultimate quarantine companion.

A Giant Disappointment

'Godzilla vs. Kong' delivers on the fight scenes but nothing else.

What Happens in the Ivory Tower Doesn’t Stay There

How the changing nature of academia has served to push social justice and critical race theory into the mainstream.

Ryan’s Mom’s Irish Soda Bread

Ryan’s Mom’s Irish Soda Bread

From Anne Brown, Janet Holtgreive, and Grandma Beagan Ingredients: 1 cup unsifted flour 2 cups ...

The Freedom to Read Is Good Indeed

Books are tremendously important and powerful, and we used to defend them from moralizing censors. 

The 1619 Project: An Autopsy

Rejecting the 1619 metaphor is what makes America great.

The NYT Should Explain Its Stealth Edits to the 1619 Project

The paper is walking back its claim that the year that slaves arrived in Jamestown was our 'true founding.'