FBI Data and Threat Website Hacked 

Understanding what happened to the InfraGard critical infrastructure portal.

America Cannot Afford to Ignore the Western Balkans

The war on terror shifted U.S. focus away from the region. Adversaries have noticed.

Fed Keeps Foot On Rate-Hike Pedal

‘We want strong wage increases. We just want them to be at a level that’s consistent with 2 percent inflation.’

The Charges Against Sam Bankman-Fried

The former FTX CEO could see serious jail time stemming from a range of alleged crimes: A Dispatch Explainer.

Donald Trump Staggered the Global Trading System. Joe Biden Might Finish It Off.

The Biden administration is doubling down on some of Trump’s worst trade policies.

Can Men Still Bring Home the Bacon?

A new report on the marriageability of men counters populist conventional wisdom.

Video: A Lame Duck Congress

Watch the video of our weekly livestreamed conversation.

Why I’m Getting More Libertarian Every Day

America seems to want more government, but it needs less.

The New Congress Could Bring Endless Showdowns

A look at one point of procedural leverage for House Republicans.

The ‘Twitter Files’ Show It’s Time to Reimagine Free Speech Online

Platforms tried speech codes. There’s a better way.

Congress Moves Forward With Defense Policy Bill

It includes assistance for Taiwan, weapons supply chain boosts, and a ban on Chinese semiconductor chips.

Want to Increase Birth Rates? Focus on Marriage Rates.

Policies that encourage marriage help birth rates and have other benefits.

Russia Is Attacking Poland With Wiper Ware

And other updates in Ukraine.

The Art of Compulsion

Navigating Americans’ God-given right to be wrong, sometimes.

Moore Maps, More Problems

The Supreme Court considers a dispute over North Carolina’s congressional district maps: A Dispatch Explainer.