Moderates Team Up on the Debt Ceiling

A bipartisan group has agreed on a broad framework while Kevin McCarthy readies his own plan.

How to Prevent Future Intelligence Leaks

Americans are out of patience after deadly revelations by malcontents.

Taiwan Needs Our Help Now

A missile contract that won’t be fulfilled until 2029 demonstrates that our foreign military sales program is unacceptably slow.

Can Reimbursing Lawmakers’ Expenses Build a Better Congress?

New rules to ease the financial burden of public service risk political backlash.

The Long Reign of King Dollar

Aside from the princeling euro, the greenback has no real competitors globally.

Can Utah Limit Children’s Social Media Use?

Other states take inspiration from Utah’s new laws restricting minors’ access to social media.

Pour a Little Out for Your Neighborhood Industrial Policy Fan

It’s been a rough few months for America’s big ‘new’ experiment.

Good Regulator, Bad Regulator

It’s important to distinguish between regulation and oversight.

Pentagon Leaks Alarm Washington

Plus: Members of Congress concerned about flaws in the rollout of a forced-labor law.

Dueling Rulings on Abortion Drug

Plus: The Republican Party struggles to come to a post-Roe consensus.

Revoking the President’s War Powers, Explained

Congress is poised to repeal authorization for the use of military force for the first time since 1974.

Transgender Athletes and Title IX

The Biden administration releases a new rule that seems to satisfy no one.

A Modest Case for the Case Against Trump

The indictment might not be strong, exactly, but neither is it as weak as many have argued.

Lawmakers Revive SCOTUS Ethics Debate

A report about Justice Clarence Thomas has Democrats pushing for new rules.

Texas’ Bad Bet on Gambling

State-cartel gambling doesn’t provide the path to economic prosperity its backers claim.

Cracking Down on Immigration or Religious Liberty?

A group of evangelicals says a sweeping immigration proposal in Florida would trample their ministry.