Video: A Lame Duck Congress

Watch the video of our weekly livestreamed conversation.

Why I’m Getting More Libertarian Every Day

America seems to want more government, but it needs less.

The New Congress Could Bring Endless Showdowns

A look at one point of procedural leverage for House Republicans.

The ‘Twitter Files’ Show It’s Time to Reimagine Free Speech Online

Platforms tried speech codes. There’s a better way.

Congress Moves Forward With Defense Policy Bill

It includes assistance for Taiwan, weapons supply chain boosts, and a ban on Chinese semiconductor chips.

Want to Increase Birth Rates? Focus on Marriage Rates.

Policies that encourage marriage help birth rates and have other benefits.

Russia Is Attacking Poland With Wiper Ware

And other updates in Ukraine.

The Art of Compulsion

Navigating Americans’ God-given right to be wrong, sometimes.

Moore Maps, More Problems

The Supreme Court considers a dispute over North Carolina’s congressional district maps: A Dispatch Explainer.

What Will the Next Congress Prioritize on China?

An interview with Rep. Chris Smith, plus a look at a bill condemning genocide in Ukraine.

The Forgotten Neighborhood

Understanding place-based dynamics can help us address social breakdown.

Will Student Loan Forgiveness Survive SCOTUS?

The Supreme Court will consider whether the program is constitutional early next year.

SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Christian Web Designer

The Supreme Court decided Colorado’s anti-discrimination protections conflicts with creative professionals’ free speech.

Pushing Back on Pushwoosh

And other ways the government is addressing data and national security concerns.

It’s Lame Duck Season

Congress still has a lot to tackle before its membership rolls over in January.