Strolling Toward a Shutdown

Plus: So much for the hopes for a room-temperature superconductor.

Systematic Reviews of Gender Transition Treatments, Explained

The American Academy of Pediatrics is playing catch-up with European health officials.

The Afghanistan Withdrawal, Two Years Later

‘Admit to your mistakes, learn from them, so that this doesn’t happen ever, ever again.’

The New Right Discovers … Socialized Medicine?

Turning to a proven failure such as the NHS model for purely emotional reasons is childish.

In Minneapolis’ Housing Market, Economic Reality Is Revealed (Again)

Good ol’ supply and demand still apply.

Appropriations Turmoil Incoming

A Biden administration request that includes additional aid for Ukraine may cause problems for House Republicans.

The Disastrous Implications of the $6 Billion Iran Hostage Deal

That it will encourage hostage diplomacy among our foes is the least of the problems.

The Jones Act, Explained

Analyzing the effects of a century-old maritime shipping law.

Europe’s Climate Agenda Is a Cautionary Tale for the U.S.

Going green quickly will hurt the EU’s economic growth and make it too dependent on China.

The Perks of Being a Politician

Matt Lewis’ new book explores how elected officials almost always get richer—and why that erodes civic trust.

Where’d All the Serial Killers Go?

Musings on the decline of lethal degenerates.

In Defense of Onerousness

Do we really have to debate whether it’s good to shield kids from pornography?

The Perils of Activist Journalism

There’s a vast gulf between reporting and campaigning.

Democracy and the Golden Rule

And what it means for freedom of speech and expression.

Fixing the Local News Crisis

A multifaceted approach emerges for boosting struggling newsrooms.