The Only Way Out Is Through

On Trump and ‘actuarial arbitrage.’

Pompeo Sounds Off on Classified Documents Scandal

Plus, Ronna McDaniel seeks to unite the RNC after her reelection.

Mike Pompeo’s Preemptive Strike on Donald Trump

The former secretary of state signals a willingness to pivot on China policy and acknowledges Trump administration failures on North Korea.

Trump Tries Slogging It Out

He’s lost his crucial advantage from 2016—the ability to surprise.

Our Best Stuff From the Week That 2024 Got Rolling

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Nikki Haley’s Campaign-in-Waiting Starts Its Engines

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Down With the Establishment! (Whoever That Is)

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Stirewaltisms: Aaaaaand They’re Off …

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Feeding the Troll

On Trump’s return to Facebook.

‘If You Lose Control of the Rules Committee, You’ve Lost Control of the Floor’

What the new makeup of the House Rules Committee—and other key panels—could mean for must-pass bills.



Ticketmaster Faces the Music

Senators accused the ticket giant and its owner, Live Nation, of monopolistic practices.

Regrets, Biden Should Have a Few

If he wants to highlight the differences between his documents scandal and Trump’s, he can admit his missteps.

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So Long, Ron Klain

Biden prepares to navigate the remainder of his term and a reelection campaign without his longtime aide.